The Essence of Conscious Advantage
Each human being comes into this world with a perfect soul worthy of dignity and greatness. All have a set of unique aptitudes and capabilities that once cultivated can lead to enormous growth and development. The primary difference in the human experience hinges greatly on where the individual is born and the worldview they adopt based on their immediate surroundings. The economic wealth and level of education of parents, for instance, will likely influence what is taught in the home and may place limits on exposing the child to opportunities beyond basic necessities. Conscious Advantage seeks to circumvent this structural disadvantage by providing an expanded worldview and by challenging one’s limiting beliefs. We believe that with the right support, guidance, exposure, mentorship and care, one can achieve greatness. Conscious Advantage has chosen Reggae music as the medium to drive, disrupt and deliberately enhance the lives of those gifted to build this music culture, which in turn helps to create positivity to the world at large. A reggae music ecosystem is now made available by Conscious Advantage, which has the function to support positive artists and to allow their lyrics and voices to uplift others who want to achieve greatness and in need of inspiration to do so. As Bob Marley said, “nothing can stop us but our minds”. The root of Conscious Advantage is to cultivate and nurture strong minds and while it’s evident that reggae music is entertaining, there’s no denying it has the power to spread positivity, uplift and instill motivation. Conscious Advantage seeks to offer a platform to any artist who chooses to produce conscious reggae music, with the sole mission and desire to use their gift and talent towards upliftment. In doing so, they can also create an economic advantage in their own lives and in their community. Conscious Advantage provides funding for such artists, to include: music development, equipment supply, studio time, publishing, distribution, travel and all needed to ensure their music can reach the hearts and minds of those who can benefit in a personal and profound way. Many will defend the idea that Reggae music has been a source of personal inspiration, motivation and resilience for challenging times experienced in life. The genre clearly maintains a strong legacy of Jamaican artists who’ve come before, leaving a rich heritage of music with potent lyrics that remain meaningful and timeless. Conscious Advantage is here to take the lead in grooming the next level of artists as a way to give back to the culture and a way to move forward to a place of limitless potential of greatness.

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